Non Guarantor Credit for Retired Pensioners

O que é Crédito sem Avalista?

Credit without the need for a guarantor, with special advantages and the best conditions, for employees of companies and contracted agencies, retirees and pensioners.

Know the Advantages

Advantages For you who works in a company, a contractor, is a retiree or a pensioner.


The benefit is deducted directly from your salary or benefit and you can anticipate settlement whenever you want.


Forget the bureaucracy. With us, you do not need a guarantor and your credit becomes available quickly.


Security and control

The maximum amount of the loan is calculated according to your salary or benefit and the installment does not exceed 30% of what you receive.

I want to buy

How it works?

You take out a loan without a guarantor and the benefit is deducted directly on your payroll or benefit. If you get paid with us, you can count on more advantages in hiring the credit. If you do not receive it, ask for the automatic salary transfer now and enjoy all the benefits.

How to buy

​See how easy it is to get your Payroll Credit

Know the conditions of the product

To find out if your company or agency has an agreement with the Bank, call the 0800 call center or go to one of the bank branches. If you are already a customer and receive the benefit of the bank, you can hire payroll deductible credit through Internet Banking or at any self-service terminal.

Sign the contract

After confirming your company or agency agreement, go to one of the bank branches to get more information, submit the necessary documentation, and sign the loan agreement. If you are already a customer and receive the benefit, you can contract for Internet Banking or at any self-service terminal.

Know the General Clauses.

Use credit

​It’s all fast and uncomplicated. After the credit is released, which occurs after the parcel is registered with the employer or agency, you can use it as you wish.

Conditions required

  • · Work in a company or a contracted entity, be retired or permanent pensioner.
  • · For pensioners, the benefit must be permanent and allow the loan to be contracted. Subject to body approval.
  • · The amount of the benefit can not be higher than 30% of the salary or monthly benefit.
  • · The monthly benefits are equal and deducted directly from the salary or benefit.
  • · The contracting is subject to credit approval, confirmation of the registration by the agency or employer and other contractual clauses of the product.