Loan with Pledge of Bank


The pledge is the delivery of property or personal property as security for a debt or obligation: a loan that requires a property commitment.
The Banorte Pledge is a credit line with one of the lowest market rates and no bureaucracy.

With the Pawn, you get your money on time without the need for cadastral or guarantor analysis. In addition, your assets are totally safe in the Bank vault and you can renew your contract as many times as necessary. And, after you cancel your contract, you get your good back.

Loan limits can reach up to 100% of the value of the guarantee for clients who receive the Bank’s salary credit.

The types of assets for attachment are:

  • Diamonds
  • Value silverware
  • Jewels
  • Value Pens
  • Value Watches

Find an agency with Pawn

Find the one closest to you.

Take your goods
Go to the chosen bank with the goods you want to invest.

Submit your documentation
Bring documents in a regular situation and proof of residence.

Your asset will be evaluated on time by an employee of the Bank.

Indication of the deadline
Choose the term of the contract. Remember that it is possible to renew as many times as necessary.

Money in the hour
You get your money on time.

When you take out your loan, you get your goods back.