Financing Line Bank for new and used vehicles

What is Auto Bank Credit

Auto Bank Credit is a financing line specially made for individuals, intended for the purchase of new or used cars / motorbikes. You can finance up to 80% of the value of the vehicle, with pre-fixed interest rates starting at 0.74% per month and without additional charges.

How it works

The Auto Bank Credit has a fixed interest rate and can finance new and used cars, motorcycles, national or imported, and can reach up to 80% of the value of the vehicle according to the year of manufacture and customer relationship. The term to pay is up to 60 months and you still have the possibility to postpone the payment of a benefit per year. Partial amortization or early settlement of the outstanding balance is allowed. Special conditions for vehicles with auto bank insurance. Be approved in the cadastral evaluation.

Taxes, fees and guarantee

Collection of IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) financed
Interest rate according to the term and quota of the operation, year of manufacture of the vehicle and customer relationship
The guarantee will be the Fiduciary Alienation of the vehicle.
How to buy

How to buy

Check the documentation and conditions to hire Auto Credit.

Inquire about the product

To find out more about Auto Credit, look for a bank agency. There, you can also get all your questions before applying for funding

Provide requested documentation

Check the required documentation and have the Banking agency enter the procedure.

Use credit

The bank agency will evaluate the documentation you have submitted. If everything is approved, the bank will define the amount and form of payment of your financing.

Find a bank branch