Car as loan guarantee

Auto contribution

Use your car as collateral for loan and pay within 48 months.

What is Auto Contribution?

The Auto Contribution was made especially for you who owns a car removed and needs extra money to pay off a debt or carry out some project.

Payment can be made in up to 48 installments and is automatically charged to your account every month.

How it works

This personal credit line has fixed interest and is intended for people who own a car removed.

The credit amount can reach up to 70% of the value of the car taken out, given as guarantee. The term is up to 48 months and you still have the possibility to postpone the payment of a benefit per year.

Advantages If you are already a bank account holder

Flexible installment

The loan can be split up to 48 times.


Payment is made by debit to account.


‚ÄčThe interest rate is pre-fixed and you can schedule to pay.


You offer as collateral the fiduciary alienation of your repossessed vehicle and the loan can be spent on what you want.

See conditions


To grant the loan there are some conditions that must be obeyed, especially with regard to the year of manufacture and ownership of the vehicle:

  • Limit for vehicle with up to 2 years of manufacture
  • Credit of up to 70% of the value of the vehicle presented as guarantee.
  • Limit for vehicle between 3 and 5 years of manufacture
  • Credit of up to 60% of the value of the vehicle presented as guarantee.

Credit subject to cadastral evaluation. Term, rate and quota may differ according to the customer’s business relationship with the bank.

See vehicles that will not be accepted as collateral

Belonging to a legal entity or those in which the applicant is not the official owner of the vehicle;
Rental vehicles;

  • Used, with a fabrication of more than five years;
  • Motorcycles, vans and the like;
  • Vehicles with restrictions, including infractions and fines.