Automatic Direct Bank Credit Online

What is Auto Bank ADBC

It’s more flexibility and less bureaucracy. Direct Auto Bank Credit is available in your account to be used as you wish. Know all the advantages and request yours now.



Hire in the Internet Banking, Self-Service Terminals, Cellular Application or phone, for capitals and metropolitan regions and 0800, for other locations.


The limit is preapproved and the installments are debited directly into your account, on the best date of your preference.

Ease of Payment

Credit from $ 150 to $ 30,000 thousand, released with one of the best interest rates on the market. And you have up to 36 months to pay.

  • Log in to your account and simulate now!

How to hire

​See how simple it is and order your ADBC Automatic now.

Inquire about the product

​You can find information about the product and make your request at self-service terminals, Internet Banking, Banking agencies or by calling 0800.

Provide the necessary documentation

​An analysis of the documentation will be performed to approve and set its limit. If the review is successful, the loan will be available in your account on the third business day after approval.

Use credit

After the loan is released, you can use the loan at any time, however you want.

Find a bank branch.


  • Greater than 18 years or emancipated
  • Own bank account
  • Do not have restriction on delinquent registrations
  • In each contract or simulation, the amount of interest, Total Effective Cost